Version 06.01.00
  • 12 Mar 2021
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Version 06.01.00

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Article summary

Version 06.01.00

This version of the TraceableLIVE® app is focused on usability and improved functionality including:

Notification Enhancements


Because of the new Notification System, any changes to your Notification Setting from an outdated copy of the TraceableLIVE® Mobile App (pre 6.1.0) will be ignored! Please see our Notification Updates Technical Tip for more details.

TraceableLIVE® version 06.01.00 includes improvements in notification handling allowing user's more fine-grained control over the types of notifications that they will receive.

This list shows all locations defined for your TraceableLIVE® account and the types of notifications that you would like to receive from devices at these locations.

For each location, you can enable or disable three possible notification types:

  • Email - If enabled, you will receive email notification from devices at this location.
  • Push - If enabled, you will receive push notifications from devices at this location.
  • SMS - If enabled, you will receive SMS text message notifications from devices at this location.

User Account Notifications

If you are logged in under an Admin account, you can modify other user's Notification Preferences in the User Account Editor. For more information see, Web Account Users or Mobile Account Users.

Location Enhancements

TraceableLIVE® version 06.01.00 includes enhancement Locations that no longer require an address. Additionally, the parent-child relationships have been removed.

Out-of-Date Notifications

For the mobile app (both Android and iOS), TraceableLIVE® version 06.01.00 warns if your app version is out-of-date and needs to be updated to properly communicate with the TraceableLIVE® Device Cloud.

Login Support

TraceableLIVE® version 06.01.00 includes the ability to see the About Page and Environment when logging in. This information can be very useful if you are having login issues and need to contact technical support.

Additionally, you have access to the TraceableLIVE® online Knowledge Base before you log in:

For more information, please see Login Support.

Last Login

As an additional security measure, TraceableLIVE® will display the last time a user's account was logged into along with information such as the IP address that the login was made from and its success or failure:


Additional Modifications and Enhancements

In addition to the changes listed above, several other, small modifications and enhancements have been made throughout TraceableLIVE® version 06.01.00 in both the web and mobile apps.

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