Notification Updates
  • 16 Jul 2020
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Notification Updates

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Article Summary

TraceableLIVE® Notification Settings and Previous Versions of the TraceableLIVE® Mobile App

TraceableLIVE® version 6.1.0 includes a powerful new Notification System that allows for fine grained control over the types and amount of User Notifications that you get from the system.

In order to use this new feature on the TraceableLIVE® Mobile App, you must update to the latest version otherwise you will receive this notification "To make notifications changes, update to 6.1.0 or make the changes in web at".


Any changes to your Notification Setting from an outdated copy of the TraceableLIVE® Mobile App (pre 6.1.0) will be ignored unless you follow the steps outlined in this Techinal Tip!

Issue and Solutions

  • Mobile Notification Settings Prior to 6.1.0 - In previous versions of the TraceableLIVE® Mobile App, Notification Settings were adjust under User Account > Alert by setting three checkboxes.


    Changing your settings here will no longer have an effect.

  • Mobile Notification Settings Using 6.1.0 - In the new system, setting changes are made from the new Notification Settings menu item and are set by switches, per Location.


    You must be using the new system to correctly adjust your Notification Settings. Update your TraceableLIVE® Mobile app to version 6.1.0 (or greater) prior to adjusting settings

  • Use the Web App or Update the Mobile - Going forward you will either need to use the TraceableLIVE® Web App ( or update to the latest version of the TraceableLIVE® Mobile App to update your Notification Settings.

    Optional Solution

    Use the TraceableLIVE® Web App (available from to change your Notification Settings.

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