Mobile Version History
  • 12 Apr 2023
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Mobile Version History

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Version History

The following changes and additions have been made to the TraceableLIVE® mobile apps:

Version 6.2.6

The following enhancements and additions have been made to version 6.2.6:

  • Enhancement - Show the Channel Alias in the Escalation UI.
  • Apple Watch - Allow access for Standard and Premium Activation Code devices.
  • Data Entry - Trim white spaces from Device Serial Number entry fields throughout the Web and Mobile.
  • New Account - New Account Signup from mobile devices.
  • Enhancement - In 30 day trial account when u attach a template to a device, inactivate the device. Add the same device again and same / in a different account try to deactivate the device.

The Following Bug Fixes are in version 6.2.6:

  • Device Templates - Spex template upon save wouldn’t create an escalation.
  • Device Templates - Auto generated escalations cannot be edited.
  • Datalogger - During config and datalogger upload "unnamed' entries are appearing.
  • Traceable GO - Sensor/probe errors are reported as 32767 in the readings.
  • Add Device - Scan QR Code when adding a device choose settings from is not pulling the data.
  • Device Settings - If the device has humidity, Carbon etc user can not add templates, system throws and error Device settings min value should not be lesser than specification min value.
  • iOS Forgot Password - Resource not found error while submitting forgot password.

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