• 26 Jun 2023
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What is life expectancy?

6 months at default 15-minute communicating interval.

What issues could affect battery life?

Communication interval, extended loss of connectivity, environmental conditions (i.e. ambient Temp), time in alarm.

At what power levels do we send “low battery” alerts?

From the Device, the Low Battery Threshold: 2.45V ( or approximately 20%).

After a low battery alarm is received, what is the expected time to complete depletion?

Initial alarm is at 20% under standard conditions and communication, 2+ weeks remaining. Reminder notifications are sent once per 24-hour period.

How often do we send “low battery” notifications?

When battery voltage drops below 2.5. However, it is difficult to predict interval for low battery since it depends upon Wi-Fi module able to send or not.

If the battery completely dies does that qualify for the escalation process/voice call in the premium subscription?


During battery replacement, how to ensure no lost data?

Change batteries within time of logging interval. Each device will maintain stored data not yet transmitted even after battery removal and replacement. Recorded data not yet transmitted to cloud will not be erased until transmission is confirmed.

Is there a battery replacement procedure?

It really is simple and self-explanatory. Four AAA alkaline batteries are required for device operation.

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