Device Settings
  • 27 Sep 2022
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Device Settings

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Device Settings

The Settings View allows you to enter and maintain the settings for your TraceableLIVE® Datalogger.

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Changing Device Settings

From here you can modify the following device features:

  • Serial No - Displays the device unique serial number.
  • Device Name - Enter a unique name to identify the device.
  • Description - Enter an optional description for the device.
  • Location - Select the Location of the device from the Locations Turndown. See Location for adding and maintaining Locations.

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  • Time Zone - Use this dropdown the select the timezone the device is in.

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  • Channel Alias - Give a descriptive name to each of the device's channels.
  • Low Alarms - Enter the low alarm value. If the reading drops below this value you'll get a notification.
  • Hig Alarms - Enter the high alarm value. If the reading goes above this value you'll get a notification.
  • Logging Interval - Use this dropdown to set how often the device posts it readings to the cloud.

Smaller interval times can impact the devices battery life.

When you are finished making changes, tap the Update button. You will get a notification if the changes are saved successfully or if there was an issue making changes.


You now have the option of adjusting your notification preferences from the Device Settings view. Select the Notification tab and you'll see the Location that the device belongs to:

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Select the types of notifications that you'd like to receive from this device and click the Save button. If you are not already in the Location that the device exists in, you'll be added to the location.

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