• 21 May 2020
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Where is the Data Stored?

Customer device data is stored in a SQL Azure database. Report data resides on the Microsoft Azure Platform.

How Long Is Data Available?

Customer device data is available for the life of the account.

What Security Measures Are in Place?

The Azure platform has received numerous certifications for compliance with various security and data privacy standards. These certifications can be found at Trust Center.

On January 3, 2017, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Azure has received HITRUST CSF certification which incorporates healthcare specific security, privacy and regulatory requirements from existing regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, ISO 27001 and MARS-E.1

In addition to the security of the Azure platform, TraceableLIVE® implements additional security in that all communications between TraceableLIVE® devices or users and the cloud is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. TraceableLIVE® uses OWIN authentication. TraceableLIVE® uses a role based authorization scheme that restricts app users’ access to functions based on their role (Admin/User).

TraceableLIVE® data queries are partitioned by account id, to ensure that no user will ever see data from another user account. Each TraceableLIVE® device is uniquely identified and validated by the cloud service in order for it to connect.

What Would Prevent Someone from Hacking Into the Cloud?

In addition to the security measures mentioned above, TraceableLIVE® devices, unlike the IoT devices that have been exploited in many recent security incidents, connect to Wi-Fi networks passively, making the device virtually impossible to compromise. See iOT Security post for more information.

Are emails and other electronic communications encrypted?

Emails sent from TraceableLIVE® are not encrypted because most email users do not use email encryption technologies like PGP. Similarly, the SMS messages sent by TraceableLIVE® are not encrypted. All communications between users/devices and the cloud service are encrypted via HTTPS.

What is the Defined Disaster Plan?

The cloud services and associated infrastructure for TraceableLIVE® is geo redundant and can be spun up in any Azure data center worldwide in a matter of minutes.

Microsoft also guarantees a 99.63% uptime as part of its Service Level Agreement on the weakest link in the TraceableLIVE® infrastructure The SQL Azure database backups are retained for 35 days. Databases restore points can be from 5 min – 35 days back.

Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE 10-11.

Mobile App interface to cloud - What OS' and versions are supported?

iOS 8 or greater and Android 4.1 or greater.

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